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Supervise your CCTV devices


ProCloud is a cloud service that monitors your registered devices. It requests continuously the status, it detects when there is an issue or an event happens and it notifies you.

  • Conectivity
  • Multiple
  • Notifications
  • Device


ProCloud connects proactively to the installations and get information from them.

Multiple platforms

Logging into the website or by downloading the app, you will be able to check the status of all of your devices at any time and in real time.


ProCloud detects when a problem happens or an event occurs and it notifies you by email or push notification.

Device notes

You can add extra information about your installations. Useful data such the client's name, installation´s address or phone number. It will help you to have everything organized and check information easily.

Devices monitoring


Register your devices in ProCloud and we will take care of them. We will be in charge of checking that everything is working perfectly.
You will be aware of all data you might be worry about:

Connection Status

Once the devices have been added, you will be able to check if they are connected and working or, on the other hand, there are any incidences.

Video Channels

You can check, at a glance, whether the video channels work correctly, they have detected movement and so on.

Alarm Inputs

Be aware of the alarm status and find out if any of them has been activated.

Hard drives

You can know the status of your hard drives, if they don´t have format, an error has occured, etc. in a simple way and quickly.

Download the App

Supervise your devices and check the connection status easily and quickly from your smartphone.